Selected Projects

Over the years, I have worked on many projects, big and small. These are some of my favorite undertakings and my role in them. 


Leadline Platform

I initiated the inception of Leadline’s brand, crafting every element from the ground up. This encompassed a comprehensive brand strategy, development of the logo, selection of typography, defining a color palette, establishing the brand’s voice and messaging, and designing their SaaS product.

Brandon Dermatology

I overhauled the online presence of Brandon Dermatology by revamping four of their practice location websites. These websites were created using WordPress and Elementor, enabling effortless future updates. Additionally, I refined their email marketing strategies and established their SEO framework.


TruFit Gyms

In my involvement with the TruFit Gyms project, I assumed a dual responsibility of design and creative leadership. Leveraging their existing brand as a foundation, we elevated its aesthetics to a more modern and sophisticated level.



In my capacity as the Senior UX/UI designer for the Madico project, I collaborated closely with executive stakeholders to grasp the intricacies of catering to diverse audiences through the website. After extensive meetings and discussions, we successfully crafted an exceptional user experience that effectively realized Madico’s vision.

net Magazine Publication

I had the honor of being chosen by Net Magazine for the third consecutive time to engage in a designer build-off. In this unique competition, another designer and I collaborated to design websites for fictional organizations.

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