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Welcome to my digital world, where I merge simplicity with beauty and transform problems into opportunities. I’m Gedy León, a self-taught design and marketing expert with over two decades of industry experience living in the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida.

I’m originally from the enchanting island of Puerto Rico, bringing a dash of tropical flair to everything I do. When I’m not conjuring digital alchemy, you’ll catch me diving into video games, rearranging my living room for the 7th time, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or losing myself in the hypnotizing worlds of sci-fi and true crime. This happens under the watchful gaze of Han, my faithful canine sidekick, and Tiger, the chillest tabby cat you’ll ever meet. I also have a curious and smart 9-year-old son. Family time is non-negotiable, and I always strive to balance professional excellence and quality moments with my loved ones.

“At the heart of my creative process lies the belief in simplicity, transparency, and collaboration.”

In a world where formal education often takes center stage, I went off-script. I’m completely self-taught, a living testament to the idea that dreams can be achieved through sheer determination and hard work.

I began my creative journey by customizing the graphics and code of my MySpace page with Adobe Photoshop 6 and Dreamweaver, so you can imagine it’s been a while. I began to help friends and a few non-profits with design projects. With much encouragement to pursue this new-found hobby as a career, that path eventually led me to my first gig as a web designer at an agency specializing in Web Design for ministries and non-profits. That’s where my official career took off.

Through years of dedication, I worked my way up to lead designer and, eventually, creative director, where I had the pleasure of overseeing some fantastic design teams. My journey has always been marked by an unwavering commitment to excellence and taking on complex challenges with clever solutions. At the heart of my creative process lies the belief in simplicity, transparency, and collaboration. I am very lucky to have my work noticed throughout the years. I had the honor of being published by Net Magazine three times, and my designs graced the pages of the Smashing Magazine book.

“I aim to push the boundaries of creativity, inspire change, and make a lasting mark in design and marketing.”

But my impact extends far beyond the digital realm. I believe in making my services accessible to everyone, regardless of background, race, gender, religion, or age. I also deeply care about amplifying my dedication by giving back and supporting causes I’m passionate about, like LGBTQIA+ rights, advocating for Black Lives Matter, helping victims of domestic violence, and eradicating human trafficking.

I aim to push the boundaries of creativity, inspire change, and make a lasting mark in design and marketing. Every project reminds me of my commitment to making the digital landscape more engaging, accessible, and inclusive for everyone. So, welcome to my world—let’s create something amazing together.

g. león | Web Design & Digital Marketing Expert

G. León

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Over the years, I’ve worked with a great number of different applications, services, and equipment. These are some of my favorites to date.

“Gedy is an incredibly talented designer and creative leader. Her amazing eye for design, attention to detail and outstanding work ethic make her an ideal partner for any team or client!”
Andrew Chen
Andrew C.
Creative Director, Multi-Agency Partner

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