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Hello! I'm Gedy (jeh-dee), digital design and marketing expert with over 20 years of industry knowledge. Rooted in values of simplicity, transparency, and collaboration, I am on a mission to solve complex problems with creative solutions.

Net Magazine Designer Build-Off

Web Design • Publication

Leadline Recruiting Platform

Creative Direction • SaaS Design


Art Direction • UX/UI Design

Beehive Labs

Brand Identity • Website Design

TruFit Gyms

Creative Direction • UX/UI Design

RephraseIt App

Creative Direction • Mobile App Design
“In a landscape littered with do-it-yourself solutions, a true professional such as Gedy stands out from the crowd. No cookie-cutter alternatives. No templated methods. She has a natural ability to understand a brand and bring to life an experience that not only reflects the core values and goals of the brand, but enhances the brand, elevating it to another level. ”
gedy león Memoji | Design & Digital Marketing Expert

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